CPT Codes for Psychotherapy and Other Psychology Services

mental health insurance billing

And it’s important for these types of items that some of them are for use before a patient has a specified illness. So even before a patient has a set diagnosis, you have a chance to connect and work and intervene with that patient. Certainly in individual settings, the codes are defined by how much time is spent, increasing time increments, as well as in group settings. And while they’re there on the right hand side as well, in between we start getting a number of codes that are in what’s called our medicine section of CPT. And that’s important because in this case, codes that are in the evaluation and management section of CPT are available to be reported by physicians and those who we indicate are qualified health care professionals. To avoid these situations, it’s a good idea to evaluate clients’ insurance coverage before each visit, if possible.

mental health insurance billing

This may take some additional time on your part, but it will be worthwhile when you can avoid common mistakes. If you want to check your patient’s coverage, you can perform a verification of benefits (VOB). This procedure will give you a better idea of your patient’s insurance plan and provide them with treatment and services accordingly. https://www.bookstime.com/ But this particular assessment is very interesting because again, it’s a blend of the medical and the psychological issues. So with these codes, they’re designed to identify and address psychological, behavioral, emotional, cognitive, interpersonal factors important to the assessment, treatment or management of physical health problems.

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Recently, several CPT codes were changed to better describe various psychological, neurological, and behavioral assessments. The codes have recently been updated to reflect changes made in the field of psychiatry. You will receive access to the self-paced course materials as soon as you purchase the course.

mental health insurance billing

They’re a 5-digit code that the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) created to instill uniformity. Rejections are better to receive than denials because they happen sooner and don’t affect your bottom line nearly as much. You see, the average initial claim denial rate in Q3 of 2020 alone hit over 11%. At the time that was an all-time high and the survey that that statistic came from suggested that denial rates weren’t slowing down.

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Traverse the dynamic interplay between insurance coverage and mental health billing on this pathway. We are your team of billing experts here to translate all of this mental health billing gibberish into English! Reach out about our billing service if you are a licensed mental health provider (we only work with licensed mental health providers).

It’s one of, if not the only specialty that is often carved out of insurance plans. We were fortunate in that we had peers and other organizations that had tried to do this previously with what were then called G-codes, which are temporary Medicare codes. So we were able to learn from their experiences and what did and didn’t work, and specifically the challenges that they faced in getting primary care providers to adopt the service.

Step 3: CPT Code Recording

Follow up to make sure they were received and they’re processing. Be exhaustive with comparing what information you have on file and what they need. If you aren’t sure how to submit the claim accurately, consider asking a colleague or hiring an expert. Ask the representative about your network status with this client’s plan. Inquire about the type of plan and if you are in-network or out-of-network with their plan.

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